Best Android Task Manager with Priceless

Best Android Task Manager

Best Android Task ManagerAs Android users, you are certainly familiar to what is called task manager. However, not all of the Android users understand its functions. It functions to monitor the running applications. Besides that, it can also be used to stop the running applications quickly. Almost all running applications can be stopped through task manager, except some very important applications that to support the operation system. So, you should know the best Android task manager.

Task manager increasingly more popular especially for Android users. As it is stated above, it can be used to stop the unnecessary applications that are running. Besides the functions mentioned before, it also functions to clean up the RAM. It also works to help the processor. Moreover, task manager can also function to save the phone battery.

Nowadays, there are many task managers that come with various features and prices. Yes, some task managers are not priceless because they have many features that other task managers do not have. With all the benefits, they sell them with different prices. However, the priceless task managers do not mean that they do not have a good quality. Here are some priceless task managers with undoubted quality.


ReChild extremely hits running applications with the Advanced Task Killer. It is saved more than fifty million downloads and becomes one amongst the highest apps back within the day once task killers are truly necessary. They have continued to update their app to the current day and it is still helpful if you wish a task manager. It will do the qualified task management things and additionally has latch on Google Play extra stuff like ignore lists for apps you will never wish to kill and numerous levels of task killing. It is 100% free and it is a solid choice that has already helped million people.


Related to the case with task managers, INFOLIFE LLC incorporates a terribly similar name to the previous one. It is referred to as Advanced Task Manager and just like the last Advanced Task Manager, it additionally manages tasks. The feature which are set may be a very little additional oversimplified however it ought to be sensible for those who wish one thing a trifle lighter. It stops tasks and manages applications latch on Google Play as you expect. There are some distinctive options like killing GPS. It will do what you wish by trying and doing in an exceedingly straightforward manner and it is additionally free. Free is usually sensible.

ES Task Manager

If you are an ES File Explorer admirer and you would like to have the best Android task manager, you will be able to get one from a similar folks. It is one amongst the higher designed applications and matches the aesthetic of ES File Explorer therefore those who fancy the file manager can most likely enjoy the design of the task manager. In contrast to several of those, the features list are laughably long and includes all the quality options of a task latch on Google Play management app together with just about everything in ES File Explorer as a result of it is related to that. It is a solid application; it is really free, and undoubtedly valuable.